About EVRA

The Organisation

The Association is a charitable membership organisation formed as a company limited by guarantee and is governed by its Memorandum and Articles of Association.


Each principal member of the Association is therefore a member of the company and has a right to attend and vote at the company general meetings.

Members support the Association by volunteering their services free, by paying an annual subscription and by making donations.


The main charitable objectives of the Association are:


  • to restore, renovate, preserve, maintain and operate the railway between Duffield and Ravenstor Stations, as a working heritage railway for the enjoyment of the general public, providing both educational and entertainment activities The Association continues to support specific projects undertaken by WyvernRail plc, which in the Trustees' opinion are in line with the Association’s charitable activities.

  • to restore, renovate, preserve and maintain artifacts and other heritage features connected with the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway

  • the purchase, restoration and maintenance of heritage railway rolling stock.

The Association continues to support specific projects undertaken by WyvernRail plc, which are in line with the Association’s charitable activities.


Our membership database records your name, contact details (address, e-mail, telephone) as, and if, given by you to us, your grade of membership, your subscription payment record (but NO personal financial details, which we do not know anyway), whether you have agreed to Gift Aid your subscriptions /donations and whether you have asked to not receive raffle tickets. It is only used to allow us to send out your quarterly "Ecclesbourne Express", including any information/ appeal flyers such as the AGM agenda and timetables, raffle tickets and subscription reminders. We do not obtain information about you from any other source and we do not share any of the information in any way with any other organisation in any form (apart from HMRC if you have agreed to Gift Aid your subscriptions).


We will assume your consent to receive communications in the way you do at present unless you inform us otherwise. If you do inform us (by post or e-mail) that you wish to withdraw or alter such consent, we have an absolute duty to follow your wishes. You may, of course, alter your consent at any time. You also have an absolute right to see what information we hold about you.

As of the 1st September 2020, any EVRA Member who chooses to become a volunteer of the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway will have their data, which EVRA holds, where there is a legitimate reason to do so, shared with WyvernRail plc t/a the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway. Any data held about you with WyvernRail plc t/a the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway will be shared with EVRA where there is a legitimate reason to do so. Data supplied to EVRA will not be shared with any 3rd party organisation that is not part of the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway.


Data received from third parties:

  • Purchasing via PayPal from the website for event tickets; steam experiences and shop purchases: your details are used for supplying items purchased.

  • Purchasing of event tickets; your data may be used to notify you of future similar events.

  • Purchasing EVRA Membership via PayPal. Data supplied electronically serves as the membership application form and recorded on membership database records.

  • Data received which identifies you from Bank sources (BACS) will be used by the Treasurer for statutory record-keeping purposes.


Other Fundraising Areas:

  • Donation/Regular Giving: Locomotive and Carriage Club; Wirksworth Station building etc;  Non-Member: data will be held solely for the purpose of record-keeping. Data held is also shared with HMRC if you have agreed to Gift Aid. Where regular giving requires your bank details to be supplied, a scanned copy of the standing order will be held electronically on file and password protected.

  • "Goods Sold on Behalf of" data held for the purpose of recording monies raised which is subsequently donated to EVRA.  Data held is also shared with HMRC if you have agreed to Gift Aid.

  • 100 Club Quarterly Draw data used and stored for the purposes of administration of the draw and notifying prize winners. Separate leaflet with its full GDRP 2018 disclosure is available on our Fundraising  Page.


“Our” “we” and “us” refer to the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway Association Trustees and Directors.

Registered Address:
Ecclesbourne Valley Railway Association
Wirksworth Station
Coldwell Street
United Kingdom
01629 823076.
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