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Bric-a-Brac Sale - 28th, 29th & 30th August 2021

The bric a brac sale went well, with £750 raised to date and more to come from some silver, records, a watch and some specialist items, although there were moments of panic in the days leading up to the Bank Holiday. A couple of volunteers and I had the end of the sorting and pricing in sight until the final rush of donations which more than trebled what we already had dealt with. Luckily, two stalwarts spent a day sorting out the new donations and then another day pricing them,  including identifying the valuable items. A marquee was erected next to the Museum and shop and proved a very prominent attraction. Thanks are due to all those who helped by:-

  • donating the items

  • sorting and pricing them

  • erecting and taking down the marquee

  • transporting the items from storage to the marquee

  • spent three days selling

  • returning to help sort out the remaining items after it was over.

Garage Sale Items

Many of these volunteers, who helped to make it all happen, appear in more than one category, which shows how essential and multi-talented our volunteers are!

Thank you to those who have donated items of bric-a-brac to us in the past, unfortunately, we are no longer in a position to accept future donations. We will continue to accept any donations of books.

Children's Playground Refurbishment - 18th October 2020


The children’s playground at Wirksworth Station, home of the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway has been refurbished and improved with money given as a grant from Derbyshire Dales local amenities fund.

The work on the playground, carried out by railway volunteers, has included new fencing for the playground area, the creation of a sensory garden at the approach to the playground, improvement to the play apparatus and the complete renewal of the bark chips covering the site, as well as improvements to the picnic area.

We are doing the final works to complete the refurbishment and it will be re-opening as the railway re-opens.  Further information about train times, tickets etc. on the EVR website 'here'.


A sensory garden has been developed by the approach path to the playground. Plants that have a strong smell and are pleasant to the touch have been included. As the years go by and the plants grow, this will be a delightful addition to the station site at Wirksworth.

Shottle Signal Box Installation - 12th June 2020

The ex-Oddingley Signal box which was brought to the railway in 2016, has now been lifted and installed into its final position at Shottle station. EVRA has received several donations to help finance this project.

More information about this project and how to help us can be found 'here'. A collection of photos of the lift can be found 'here'. 

No. 3 Boiler Returned After Overhaul - 27th February 2020

No. 3 "Brian Harrison" has had its boiler returned following overhaul after its 10-year boiler ticket had expired towards the end of 2019.The boiler has been re-tubed and has been upgraded to a higher boiler pressure of 180 psi from its original 160 psi.

Take a look at No.3 having its boiler returned and fitted to the chassis at Wirksworth 'here'.

No. 3 "Brian Harrison" Boiler lift for Overhaul - 10th December 2019

No. 3 "Brian Harrison" has had its boiler removed following the expiration of its 10-year boiler certificate. The boiler has been sent away to an external contractor for inspection and repair. The rest of the locomotive back at the railway will also be examined and any necessary repairs and replacements of parts will be carried out.

Take a look at No.3 being dismantled and the lifting of the boiler 'here'.

Henry Ellison Boiler Repairs Completed - October 2019

Henry Ellison has been reassembled following its boiler repairs after the discovery of 4-6 broken stay rivets between the inner and outer firebox. Donations from members and visitors have accelerated this work without compromising the progress on other projects. The locomotive passed its steam test following the boilers inspectors visit. The locomotive will now be ready to perform its duties for the Shottle Shuttle services which take place at weekends throughout November. 

Take a look at Henry being reassembled 'here'.

Official Opening Wirksworth Station Building Phase 1 - 9th October 2019

In October 2019, phase 1 of the new station building at Wirksworth built by EVRA, was officially opened by William Tucker, HM Lord-Lieutenant of Derbyshire (and patron of EVRA)  in the presence of representatives from Derbyshire Environment Trust, Tarmac, Wirksworth Town Council and WyvernRailplc, and subscribers to our regular giving appeal.

The building was completed thanks to the help of grant aid from Tarmac Landfill Communities Fund, (facilitated by Derbyshire Environment Trust) a generous legacy and a large number of donations.

It has been a long process, with EVRA funding the removal of the old dust dock, the laying of the foundation for the whole building and then overwinter 2018/2019 the construction of the first phase as money became available and with considerable help from the volunteers who normally restore and maintain coaches, who took on the challenge to learn new skills! Volunteers have also installed the electrics, CCTV etc. The building is lit with LED lights throughout and heated by a heat exchanger, supplying under-floor heating.

The building houses a new museum and the Association’s book and gift shop, both of which are considerably enlarged. The grant-funded among other items secure display cabinets, the installation of which has encouraged people to loan unique items of railway memorabilia for display. The building is based on the design of a Midland Railway Station, like the one which was demolished at Wirksworth and is approximately on the site of the original building.

The museum and shop will be open on days when trains are running on the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway.

The new EVRA shop, located to the rear of the phase 1 Station building, has already benefitted from the more spacious surroundings allowing a far better display of the new and second-hand transport and other books, jigsaws, models, children’s books and games etc seeing increased sales during the first month. The stock is always changing and much new stock is on display. In addition,  donations of books, jigsaws, gifts, Christmas items etc have increased over the last six weeks too.

New Wirksworth Station Building 

In early 2017, Ecclesbourne Valley Railway Association, paid for the removal of a hazardous dust dock at Wirksworth Station presenting us with a flat area close to platform 1, and paving the way for construction to begin on a much-needed brand new Station Building.

With the help of generous donations, member subscriptions, customer purchases and a grant, work has progressed over the last two years resulting in the recent opening of a new multi-purpose building, just behind Platform 1.

The building, based on the 'Midland Railway' design with canopies, brick base and timber construction fits neatly into the heritage model of both the station and EVRA.

Outdated facilities will eventually be replaced with a Cafe, Booking Office and  Gift Shop. The new Museum, Book Shop, Information Centre and Toilets will be opening later this year, whilst the model railway is being re-located to the former museum coach.

Disability access has also been carefully considered throughout.

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