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Andrew Barclay - No.3 “Brian Harrison” - Overhaul

The Association’s steam locomotive “Brian Harrison” No.3 was withdrawn from traffic to begin its 10-year overhaul following the expiration of its boiler certificate in 2019. This is the first steam locomotive that was restored and operated by the Association.

The locomotive has now been brought back into traffic and had its first operating day since its overhaul on the 3rd of September at the railway's 'Steam in the Valley' event.

Overhaul Report

The locomotive had been stripped down with all the cab controls, clack valves and external piping being removed. The water tank and cab roof have been lifted off to allow the boiler to be removed.


The boiler was sent to an external contractor which has done the necessary repairs for it to operate for another 10 years. During the course of its overhaul, the boiler had been recertified at 180 psi working pressure returning it to its original operating pressure as set by the boiler's original manufacturer.

The boiler was then returned to the railway and was reintegrated with the chassis at Wirksworth. The rest of the locomotive was inspected for wear and some components were replaced or renewed before reassembling the locomotive.


The boiler clothing had been given a fresh coat of paint and the regulator valve in the steam dome had been stripped down, ground in and reassembled. This should prevent any steam leaks in the future which has been a problem for the locomotive prior to its overhaul.

The water tank and cab roof were reintegrated with the rest of the locomotive. The cab roof has been installed with a roof hatch which will provide additional ventilation for the footplate crew on operating days especially in the summer months.

Lastly, the rest of the pipework and components were refitted and a live steam test and trial run were conducted before it was signed off as fit for service. Its first operating day since its overhaul was the 'Steam in the Valley' event which took place over the 3rd, 4th and 5th of September 2021

Locomotive History

These small steam locomotives were built at the Caledonia Works, Kilmarnock, of Andrew Barclays and Sons Ltd in Scotland. They are 0-4-0 wheel arrangement saddle tank engines (meaning the water tank is on top and around the boiler).


“No 3: Brian Harrison” spent its working life at the Central Electricity Generating Board‟s Power Station at Ferrybridge near Knottingly in Yorkshire, a period of some 16 years, before being replaced in about 1970 by diesel engines. Brian Harrison was despatched to store at Tinsley in Sheffield it remained for some 35 years until being acquired on a long-term loan by the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway Association, who have agreed to restore it.


There are a large number of this type of locomotive in preservation, in particular with the Ayrshire Railway Preservation Society, the Swindon and Cricklade Railway, Bowes Railway, East Anglian Railway Museum, Buckingham Railway Society etc.

Brian Harrison had been kept under cover and its livery is intact. It has been restored to working order with the passing of its boiler certificate in 2009 and entering traffic in early 2010.


It has now been withdrawn again at the end of her 10-year ticket with a view to doing the work necessary to bring it back into traffic once again.

No.3 Brian Harrison Steam Locomotive Ecclesbourne Valley Railway Association

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